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What are Resin Crafts?
Resin crafting includes any project that is made with epoxy resin. You generally pour resin into a mold and allow it to harden. But some resin projects involve extra steps like inserting photos, dye, or decorative elements.

21 Resin Craft Ideas
Because epoxy resin is so versatile, there’s a nearly endless list of resin craft ideas to sell. The following list includes some of the best-selling resin crafts to consider.
1. Epoxy Resin Jewelry
Resin bracelets, resin earrings, and necklace charms are all popular handmade crafts. You can craft small charms and string them together or add other elements like beads, dye, or glitter to make pieces stand out.

2. DIY Resin Coasters
Resin coasters can fit in nearly any home, and are durable enough to protect furniture. From marbled resin wood coasters to ocean inspired resin coasters, the style options are nearly endless.

3. Mosaic Resin Tray
Create a DIY resin tray by adding small tiles or colorful pieces to a mold and then filling the rest in with clear resin.

4. Resin Bookmarks
For those looking for smaller resin ideas, use a thin, flat mold to create solid bookmarks. Add acrylic paint, book pages, or glitter to decorate each one.

5. Epoxy Resin Coffee Table
If you want a larger project, start with a blank tabletop, add decorative elements like glass tiles, and fill in the rest with epoxy resin for a durable finish.

6. Resin Wall Art
Resin adds a unique finish to various wall art. Create a painting or lay out several photos in a frame mold. Then fill in resin to create a solid, clear layer over the top.

7. Pressed Flowers
Resin is the perfect medium for displaying pressed flowers. Add the petals and leaves to a frame or mold. Then allow the clear resin to hold them in place for display purposes.

8. Hair Accessories
Resin mix can help you create the perfect accessory, like hair clips, combs, or barrettes. Use specialized molds to get the proper shape. And add beads or sequins to make the final project stand out.

9. Paper Weight
Resin creates a clear, solid medium that works well as a paper weight. Add unique items like fresh flowers or wood pieces that will shine through and help these practical items double as amazing art.

10. Buttons
With a small mold, you can create durable buttons using epoxy resin. Add extras like gold leaf or dried flowers to make clothing really stand out.

11. Napkin Rings
Napkin rings can serve as easy resin crafts. Use casting resin in a circular mold, or add small resin pieces shaped like flowers or hearts to decorate existing products that you can then make and sell.

12. Lamps
Use a large resin kit to set decorative elements in a lamp base. Colorful resin may work on its own – or use clear resin to set decorative items like flowers or gold pieces inside.

13. Ornaments
Ornaments are another decorative item you can make with resin. There are tons of cool projects to try, from basic bulbs that you can then paint to custom shapes made with specialized molds.

14. Candle Holders
Resin is the perfect medium for candle holders, from small tealights to decorative candlesticks.

15. Game Boards
Create custom shapes for a chess set or similar game pieces that you can make and sell at craft fairs or gift shops.

16. Personalized Name Plates
For those interested in selling custom resin items, use a simple mold along with letters or painted details to display names. These can work on a desk or even as nameplates for weddings.

17. Resin Keychains
Resin keychains can be made in various shapes. These small items are perfect for someone just getting started with this crafting hobby.

18. Resin Bowls
Resin bowls can be used for decorative purposes, though it is not recommended for actual serving dishes.

19. Resin Letters
There are tons of letter molds you can use with colorful resin. This fun resin project can help kids learn their letters through magnets or small toys.

20. Building Blocks
Similarly, building blocks can be made using small molds.

21. Picture Frame
Create a frame shape and add small painted details to offer these practical home decor items.

Where to Sell Resin Art and Creations
Once you’ve mastered any of these resin projects, it’s time to find customers. The following places may be of interest to those selling resin crafts.
• Your own ecommerce store: Set up a shop on a site like Shopify, which allows you to control more of the design elements and selling process.
• Classified ads: Those selling larger items like furniture may do well in local classified ads. Consider your local paper, along with websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.
• Local craft fairs: Find local events that fit your niche and target audience.
• Local craft stores: There may also be local gift shops or retail outlets that purchase wholesale from local artists.

Tips on Selling Your Resin Projects
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: If you’re ready to make resin crafts into a business, the following tips can help you earn a profit:
• Find a specific niche: Resin can make nearly anything, but your shop should focus on one type of item. This simplifies your process and makes marketing easier. Research competitors and decide what you enjoy making to decide.
• Invest in the right materials: Then you need the molds, epoxy, protective equipment, and extras that you’ll use in your products. Buy in bulk where possible to save.
• Practice your craft: Keep quality high by practicing before launching. Avoid listing items below your standards.
• Find target customers: Think about who may buy your products to find the best avenues for selling.
• Market: Then, market products online or in your local community. Consider ads, sponsored listings, social media, or even special events.

Is selling resin products profitable?
Yes, selling resin crafts can be profitable. You can make multiple items with the same materials, and find buyers online or in person. However, the exact profits depend on your pricing and expenses.

What do you need to start a resin business?
Exact materials vary depending on what crafts you make. However, the following are required for many types of resin art:
• Resin
• Mixing cups
• Stir stick
• Safety gear
• Molds
• Decorative elements

How do you price resin crafts?
First, add up the cost of materials and other business expenses like your website and marketing. Divide monthly expenses by the amount you intend to sell each month to at least break even. Then factor in an hourly rate for yourself. Additionally, compare similar products online to see what customers are used to paying. However, you don’t have to go lower than other sellers – standing out as a quality option at a higher price can also provide value.


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