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Learn how to preserve dried flowers in resin! You can make all sorts of projects with epoxy resin including jewelry, coasters, and more.

Are you curious about preserving flowers in resin? preserving flowers in flat glass handle holders will be the same whether you use a different surface or silicone molds.
Get ready to make one of a kind keepsakes using this simple tutorial! This spring craft would make an awesome gift idea.

Preserving Flowers in Resin
Before we get started on the project, WE want to share some frequently asked questions with you. These questions are commonly asking about dried flowers in resin, and WE hope they help you. If not, you can skip past them to the how-to.

Supplies You’ll Need
If you’re going to try preserving dried flowers in resin, you’re going to need some supplies in addition to the flowers. Here’s what you should have ready:

• Epoxy resin – usually a two part system with a 1:1 mixing ratio of resin and hardener.
• Surface or silicone mold – you’re going to embed the flowers into something whether it be a flat glass candle holder or a silicone mold (to make jewelry pieces, for example).
• Personal protective equipment – eyewear, respirators, and gloves are typically recommended. Read your package instructions.
• Mixing cups and craft sticks – you’ll need a cup to mix the resin and then separate cups for mixing resin with additives. Craft sticks are for stirring.
• Tweezers – dried flowers can be quite fragile, so tweezers can help you place them without crumbling the petals.
• Additives – there are all sorts of things to embed in resin with the flowers like alcohol inks, glitter, and gold flakes.
• Timer – you can use your phone obviously, but you’ll need something to track stirring time.
• Butane torch – this is optional, but if you’re planning on working with resin, it helps remove bubbles easily.

How should I dry the flowers?
There are several ways to dry (and press) flowers. If you use the methods below, you’ll want to use flowers as fresh as possible. Get them pressed and let them dry for 3 – 4 weeks. They don’t necessarily have to be flat, but for jewelry and coasters, etc. you’ll want them flat.

1. Wooden flower press – two pieces of wood screwed together at all four corners
2. Between the pages of books – place flowers in the pages of books, close and weight down
3. Ironing – flatten between a book and press with a dry iron
4. Microwave – flowers stay between two ceramic tiles held together with rubber bands
NOW . . . these methods take longer because you are letting nature take its course for drying. But Our favorite drying method for flowers? Silica Gel. The drying crystals get your flowers dried out in 3 – 7 days. AND the crystals are reusable. So that’s what we use!

Can you put dried flowers in resin?
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Absolutely! You can use casting resin with dried flowers. You’ll obviously need to dry (and potentially press) the flowers first before using them.

How do you put dried flowers in resin?
Very carefully. Dried flowers are very fragile so we recommend planning your design first and making sure you have tweezers ready to place them,. if necessary.

Do you have to seal dried flowers before resin?
No, you don’t have to seal them. If you put dried flowers in resin that are sealed, make sure that they are completely dry before you do it – otherwise they will turn brown.

Will flowers turn brown in resin?
Yes, if they are not properly dried. That’s why we always dry them with silica gel. They can rot inside the resin if you don’t dry them properly, and your project cannot be fixed.

Pressed Flowers in Resin
Gather These Supplies
• Resin, such as Mod Podge Resin
• Pressed and dried flowers
• Flat glass candle holders
• Gold flakes
• Toothpicks
• Respirator
• Butane torch
• Gloves
• Disposable cups
• Craft sticks
• Tweezers
Note: the estimate for this project in terms of resin required is approximately 1.5 oz per holder.

Mix the Resin
To mix Mod Podge Resin, begin by measuring out equal amounts of Resin and Hardener – (measure by volume not weight). Use a separate measuring cup for each part. Once equal amounts of both parts are measured, pour them into a mixing cup. Gently stir the two parts together for 3 minutes. When you start to stir, cloudy swirls will appear.
While mixing, make sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing cup to fully incorporate the two parts. Continue to mix until the cloudy swirls no longer appear and the mixture is clear. NOTE: it is best to only mix the amount that will be needed for each project, one project at a time.

Arrange the Flowers
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Arrange dried flowers on the glass candle holders as desired. Dried flowers are very fragile so use tweezers to help you with the placement.

Pour the Resin
Slowly pour clear resin over the flowers. Fill the candle holders as much as possible without overflowing. If the dried flowers begin to float, push them back down using a toothpick. Sprinkle gold flakes over the clear resin.

Allow to Cure
Remove bubbles using a butane torch. Let set for five minutes and then repeat to remove additional bubbles if needed. Allow resin to cure fully according to package instructions (likely 24 hours).


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