Iran Art Exhibition
Iran Art Exhibition



• Decorative and Functional
• Materials: Copper, enamel, glaze, metal
• Handmade in Iran, Isfahan Using Ancient Handicraft Traditions, Minakari
〈This Decorative Plate is the kind that is not breakable.〉
Minakari is a glorious miniature painting on ceramics and metal. Bright colors, unique images, and forms of minakari make each piece truly unique.
This is the Art of soil and fire. That makes a combination of a world of thousands of colors and designs inherited from great ancient civilizations.
The name minakari comes from the word “minou” which is translated as “sky” or “heaven” the azure color. This shade prevails in painting. Minakari Art begins with still in the era of the Sassanid dynasty (224 – 651 years).
In the process of manufacturing, painting and enameling plates involve several masters.
First, they prepare the basis for painting from silver, gold or copper. It can be a vase, a plate, a jug and etc. Then the Decorative Plate is enameled and burned. This process makes 3 times.

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: And finally, when the Decorative Plate is ready, the master covers it with a painting. First, a background color, then fine patterns and the smallest details.
The finished product examines in detail for the detection of cracks and defects. And only Decorative Plate with a perfectly even coating and a pattern Master puts up for sale.
This Decorative Plate Minakari Art surprise your guests and emphasize the exquisite taste of the owner. Also will be a great present for Wedding, Party, Birthday or special moments in your life.

A beautiful plate with traditional designs placed inside a wooden frame and a good choice for decoration of the home and the workplace. This plate is decorated with Mina colors, the interior surface of the plate is decorated with traditional Persian motifs in a beautiful and striking manner, which is why this piece of art is very attractive for enthusiasts.


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