Iran Art Exhibition
Iran Art Exhibition



Professor Morteza Esmaeili is one of the most prominent professors of Esfahan whose works of painting are well-known among many art lovers. Master Esmaeili’s works have an Esmaeili stamp. These works are reviewed and supervised by Esmaeili master. Only Esmaeili works have been approved by Esmaeili master. If the quality of the paint is not approved by Esmaeili master, it will be returned to the production process. This return means re-working on the artwork and ensuring its quality.

You can have this sugar pot as a great thing to serve your guests and you can show how much you appreciate them and improve how hospitable you are. You can also use a Mina Kari (enameled) sugar pot made by Master Esmaeili to decorate your showcase and no matter if your decoration is modern or traditional, you can buy it for a variety of decoration styles. The price of a Mina Kari (enameled) sugar pot made by Master Esmaeili is a little bit more compared to the similar samples because it is more elegant and it is made by Master Esmaeili. You can also buy a Mina Kari (enameled) sugar pot made by Master Esmaeili as a gift for your loved ones and as an advertising gift.

What Are the Features of a Mina Kari (Enameled) Sugar Pot Made by Master Esmaeili?
There are so many features which can be mentioned for a Mina Kari (enameled) sugar pot made by Master Esmaeili but the most important one is its material. This sugar pot is made of high quality copper and it has been painted by the greatest Mina Kari (enameled) colors by Master Esmaeili. To make it more long-lasting, it is put in the furnace when it is painted.

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: You can wash a Mina Kari (enameled) sugar pot made by Master Esmaeili with water if you have to; but make sure you are not using strong chemical cleaners because their colors are going to be damaged.

A  diameter Esmaeili Mina Kari (enameled) VASE with Embossed design is another artwork of Master Esmaeili. He is one of the best known masters in Iran. Isfahan as the center of Iranian culture and art has all the arts. Mina Kari art is one of these arts. Esmaeili Mina Kari (enameled) plate with Embossed design is a valuable artwork.  The price of this work is higher than other similar works in the market which is due to its quality.

How to Make a Mina Kari (Enameled) Bump Vase?
Copper works are very high quality. The process of making a Mina Kari (enameled) bump vase begins with a hammer and bumps, respectively. When the initial field of work has been prepared, they are glazed. After the vase has been plated, it will become white and smooth then it is prepared to implement the role and plan on it. When the design is drawn to the pot using enamel paints, it is sent to the furnace. Enamel paints must be cooked in the oven to be durable. Esmaeili master examines the works step by step and, if approved by the master, the Esmaeili seal is put on them.
Preservation of Enameling Bump Vase
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: After purchasing this product you should be careful about keeping it. If you take good care of it, it will last you many years. The use of strong detergents can damage the enamel paints, so just go for a simple wash. Do not put this artwork under pressure, as it will cause the enamel to break and the enamel paint to disappear.
It is suitable for any home or office decoration. Using it along with other decorative dishes can make the look of your home more beautiful.

Design of an Esmaeili Mina Kari (Enameled) VASE with Embossed Design
Esmaeili Mina Kari (enameled) VASE with Embossed design goes through the process of designing and producing other Mina Kari (enameled) effects. However, this work goes through the hammering process first of all. The material used in this work is high quality copper. They hammer it and then glaze it; so you can see the bumps and troughs in this work of art. On the glaze phase, they draw historical designs and motifs. These motifs are derived from the domes around the world. After painting, it is placed in the furnace with high temperature to make Mina colors last longer. This temperature exceeds 600 degrees centigrade. All these steps are supervised by Master Esmaeili. One of the things to keep in mind when purchasing is to check Master Esmaeili’s stamp. You should pay attention to a stamp set out by Master Esmaeili in order to confirm its quality.

Maintenance of an Esmaeili Mina Kari (Enameled) VASE with Embossed Design
You can have this artwork and keep it in your home showcase. It is not important if your home decoration is modern or traditional. This artwork is in harmony with every kind of decoration. You can use it at your parties to show a different color which will definitely be more luxurious and stylish. You can give it as a gift to your loved ones and make them happy. These works of art are very valuable to Iranians, especially Iranian women. When you buy them, take good care of them. Do not wash them with a strong detergent and only use a little water and napkins to clean it.


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