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Enameling or Minakari is a method of decorating objects with enamel (mina). It’s an art and a craft, one of the primary and most iconic forms of Persian handicrafts. Enameling (Minakari) is typically done on pottery, porcelain, and metals (known as metal enameling) such as gold, copper (known as cooper enaleming), silver, aluminium, steel, brass, glass (known as glass enameling) and bronze.
To make a minakari work, first, a metal is selected as the primary material and then formed into the desired shape and sized by a metalworker. This process is followed by an enamelling craftsperson coating the object evenly with a white glaze. The glazed metal object is later decorated with hand-drawn floral and abstract patterns before being fired in a kiln. Finally, when removed from the kiln, the thing is coated with a higher-quality glaze and fired a second time.
Copper and brass are the most popular metals for enamelling art (minakari), because they require multiple glazing, which strengthens them considerably. Durability, formability, and the ability to be rolled into sheets are some of the properties of copper. These features make it an excellent choice for minakari. You can also wash copper and brass with cleaning agents without getting damaged. Their capacity to absorb glaze is more significant than other metals, which is another advantage that makes them preferable.
What is the use of enameling Decorative products?
Minakari is done to adorn metal and non-metal containers with decorative designs. Works of enamelling are among the wealthiest and most exquisite Persian handicrafts and can serve as:
• Splendid and unique decoration for homes and workplaces (in the form of table vases and wall-hung plates)
• Outstanding gifts for friends and acquaintances
• Promotional and corporate donations and awards
• Tableware

Different Styles of Minakari Decorative Dishes
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Various kinds of containers can be turned into authentic Persian masterpieces through minakari, which gives you a great range of options to choose from based on personal taste and the interior design of your home or place of business. Minakari can be categorized into three styles:
1. Painted minakari: Done to different ornament types of containers.
2. Wire-inlaid minakari: One of the traditional techniques of minakari.
3. Grooved minakari: Involves designs being engraved on the object.

Different Types of enameling products
Minakari artists create a great variety of products, the most popular of which include:
• Plates, bowls, vases, picture frames, and framed minakari — which are sometimes decorated, in combination with minakari, by crafts such as gilding, khatamkari, miniature painting, and jewellery making
• Decorative objects such as Khatamkari and minakari boxes, tea and beverage sets, armours, mirrors, hookahs, Quran boxes, pen cases, belts, minakari bubbles, snuff cases, rosewater pitchers, photo albums, and dagger scabbards
• Enameling jewellery (minakari jewelry), such as earrings, necklaces, rings, and pendants… A powder coating is applied to the metal to make enamel jewelry. At extremely high temperatures, the powder coating is fused to the base metal.

Six characteristics of authentic enameling home decor items
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Top-quality works of minakari exhibit a set of distinct characteristics, namely:
1. Flatness and evenness of enamel base surface
2. Being free of cracks, cuts, chips, bubbles, holes, or scratches
3. Glossiness
4. Evenness of paint thickness
5. Authentic and delicate Persian patterns
6. High-class and intact glaze coating on the container’s back/bottom


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