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Copper dishes are known as one of the handicrafts of Isfahan which have both practical and decorative purposes. Eating and drinking in these products are beneficial for human’s health. Great copper handicraft of Isfahan is a fabulous piece of art and a lot of dishes are made of this art. It has had a lot of fans from the past and people consider handmade copper dishes as a great thing which has a lot of benefits for the health.

Handmade Copper Dishes
Handmade copper dishes of Isfahan are one of the online handicraft products made of copper which can be beneficial for health. When human started to make all his necessities, stone and clay were the most important ingredients to be used. Copper is one of the first metals which was found in the environment. This metal can be found purely in the nature and has a great brightness. Hammer is the main tool which is used to make a shape to copper. Iran is the oldest place for metal work around the world and this country is the pioneer of working with copper in Ancient history. The highest amount of attention and flourishing of this art went back to the Seljuk Era and some cities such as Isfahan, Zanjan and Khorasan have been famous for making this handicraft.

Iranian copper dishes are one of the oldest and best dishes made of this art which have been of high attention during different eras. As they are copper handicrafts, a lot of great samples of this handicraft are kept at famous museums around the world. This handmade feature of Iranian copper dishes results in producing some products which have different sizes and designs. This history of copper is long and of high importance during the history.

Copper Handicraft
Details to Use Copper Dishes:
Copper handicraft is among traditional artworks of Isfahan because its history is long enough to be famous in different eras. Copper can be found in different cities and mines of Iran. This metal can be found in natural places such as rock, water and soil. Also, it can be seen in animals and plants. Copper is the third important element which can be found in the body of humans and has an important role in the body. Copper dishes of Zanjan are also as popular as those in Isfahan because of their quality in material and production process.

A great harmony of colors between Iranian copper dishes and the other ones can be attractive for all people who like to have a nice decoration. If you buy this handicraft for your practical purposes at your home, you have to be sure of the materials used to whitening inside the copper dish because if they are not completely whitened or some inappropriate materials are used, they are not healthy.

Copper Cookware
Usages of Copper Dishes:
Copper cookware is a great practical product which can be healthy for people to eat in. A variety of pans and pots are sold in the market for those who think of their healthiness prior to other things. Copper was previously used to make special dishes and jewelries but these days its usages are increased in various industries which are mentioned below:
• Making jewelry sets such as a copper ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings.
• Making nuts dish, pot and vase. These dishes are usually the foundation of some arts such as Minakari, Khatamkari and Firoozeh Koobi.
• Production of musical instruments
• Making household devices
• Making nuts and bolts
• Making pipes at homes
These usages are the most popular ones which are familiar to most people.

Advantages of Copper Handicraft
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: There are some benefits which make copper a really popular metal for different industries. The most important one is its ability to be hammered because a lot of products can be made by this feature and it has a more beautiful look. Hammering also increases the strength of a copper handicraft which lets it be used for a long time for different purposes.

Online Handicraft Products
Online handicraft products can have a wide range which can be originated from a variety of places. The most famous ones are those from Isfahan, as a center of art of culture. Different Iranian copper dishes which are made in various cities of Iran do not have a significant difference with each other and the most important criterion to select a high quality product is the production quality.
Handmade copper dishes have a lot of positive points for the body and cooking food in a copper pot can give you some benefits which are listed:
• Food will be cooked sooner and is more tasty and delicious.
• It produces energy in the body which results in preventing aging.
• Brain performance will be increased.
• It can be helpful for those who have arthritis.
• It stops blood vessels to be blocked so it can be good for people with heart diseases.
All in all, the price of this handicraft of Isfahan is reasonable despite all its benefits and beauty.

Steps to Make a Copper Handicraft
There are some simple steps which should be passed to make a copper dish as the following:
• Making the body of the dish by bending and pressing the copper sheet as a one-piece product to have a better shape.
• Hammering
• Whitening
• Adding some holes to the dish for the handles
• Polishing: the dish will be brightened and shined to increase its longevity.

Persian Copper Dishes
Persian copper dishes can be attractive enough to get the attention of every viewer. If you are a person who is looking for something practical and ornamental, you have to think about copper artworks. Some workshops and masters of this great handmade art add some other designs to the dish to make it more magnificent. For example, Toreutics or engraving is a popular art which is added to copper products.

Features of an Original Copper Handicraft
There are some tips which can help you buy a high quality and original copper dish which are listed below:
• The dish should have small and regular hammering signs.
• The material used inside the dish should be bright and shiny.
• The dish should have delicacy in its production.
• High quality copper is used to make the dish.
• Copper which is used is thick enough.
• When the dish has a stamp of the producer, it shows its high quality.

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: It is also suggested to buy your required handmade copper dishes from high reliable and valid markets to be sure of the quality and originality of products.

Iranian Copper Dishes
Protection of Online Handicraft Products:
Iranian copper dishes can be bought in different ways because they are exquisite for everyone. It is a good idea to have a nice design of these dishes in your decoration. Taking care of handmade copper dishes is not a very difficult thing if you are sure of the quality of them. The following points can help you protect and clean this handmade art of Isfahan to the highest level. Its surface can be cleaned with these ways:
• Mix a cup of lemon juice and clothes-washing powder; then rub it with a sponge on the surface of the dish.
• Rub some tomato sauce on the body of the copper dish and wait for some minutes. After that, you can clean the sauce with more power from the surface and wash it to keep it clean of any dirt.
In order to clean the interior part of the dish, you need to do the following way:
• Mix ash and dish-washing powder; then use a sponge to clean the interior part. You should not use a rough cloth to do so because it damages the dish.
Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that putting an empty copper dish on the fire can reduces its age. Therefore, add some oil, water or food in the dish before putting it on the oven. In addition, the best way to wash these dishes daily is to wash them with a soft sponge and do not use bleaching liquids.

Products Made of Copper Handicraft
The number of handmade copper dishes is not limited to the following ones but they are the most popular and applicable ones which can be found in everyone’s home. You have to remember that all copper dishes can be both practical and decorative based on your needs.
• Copper plate: it is generally used to serve rice or fruit at the parties or when people want to take advantage of its health benefits.
• Copper pot: it can be used for cooking rice or stew to experience a better taste.
• Copper pitcher or jug: it can be used to serve drink at a party to get the attention of guests.
• Copper cup: you can have it as a single product or buy it in a set of cups and pitcher.
• Copper sweet dish: you can serve your guests in this dish at home or put it at your desk at work.
• Copper sugar pot: as tea is an undeniable part of every Iranian home, you can buy a sugar pot to serve your guests and put it at a tray while offering them a cup of tea.
• Copper nuts dish: putting this copper handicraft at your table can bring a glorious look to your place for hosting guests.
• Copper vase: it can be put at a table or in the showcase to make your atmosphere more energetic.
• Copper tray: this big dish is used to hospitalize guests when serving drink or other things. This tray can be with or without a pedestal and handles.
• Copper sangab: it is a big bowl which was used previously in the mosques; while, it is an ornamental item which can be used in your decoration. Also, some people select it as a promotional gift for their staff or their high-ranked managers.
• Copper teapot and kettle: this set is one of the eye-catching ones because of the red color of copper which attracts the attention of every person.
• Copper milk boiling pan: it can be used for heating liquids such as milk. Its long handle and its small size make it a great practical option at every home.
• Copper fruit dish: it is a nice choice to serve fruit at your table because it is beautiful enough to give your party a luxurious look.
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: You can buy these dishes according to your needs or purposes because they can be both practical and decorative.


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