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Iran Art Exhibition



It may be fascinating for you to know that Iran is one of the top 10 countries globally in the field of precious Iranian Stones. Yes, Iran’s wealth is not limited to oil reserves. There are many other cases like these precious Iranian Stones that have put Iran in the top ranks of the world in terms of wealth. We have many Stones in Iran.
In the export sector, Iran ranks 49th globally and has a small share in world trade. However, in Iran, six precious Iranian Iranian Stones called garnet stone, agate stone, turquoise stone, jade stone, pearl stone, and azure stone are found in abundance. It is exciting to know that turquoise is the most important stone that is extracted from Iran. Stones of Iran have excellent quality.

Green Garnet (Or Demantoid)
Russia was the only miner of this precious stone for many years, and it was first discovered in Russia. But later, Iran was also known as one of the miners of this precious stone. The most valuable and expensive garnet Iranian Stones are green. Of course, green colors are also available in two colors, dark and light. Dark green is not more valuable than light green garnets. This rare stone is rarely found in the United States, Germany, Italy, Zaire, and Switzerland. Green is not the only color of garnet. Red, brown, and orange are other garnet colors, but this stone’s primary color is green.
In Iran, Kerman, Kurdistan, Takab, Shahin Dej, and Zahedan are among this stone’s miners. However, Kerman Garnet has many fans and is of great importance worldwide. The green garnet of Kerman Tower Garden is one of the most famous Iranian Stones in the world after Neyshabur Turquoise, although it is less known in Iran. After the Kerman garnet, Nigerian garnet is one of the most expensive garnets in the world. This mineral is sent abroad after purchase, and after cutting, it is sold as a kind of emerald. However, this stone’s radiance and luster are much better and more robust than other precious gems such as ruby, emerald, diamond, and peridot.

The turquoise stone is one of the Iranian Stones that is a symbol of luck for most of us Iranians, and it happens to be very popular. Apart from this, this stone is found in abundance in Iran. If we want to talk about this stone based on the world market, Neyshabur turquoise is one of the best and most quality turquoises globally. This stone’s color classification varies from blue to green, but dark blue and uniform turquoise have a higher price than other turquoise.
Apart from Iran, turquoise is also mined in countries such as the United States, Tibet, Afghanistan, Arizona, and Egypt, but Neyshabur turquoise has a much higher value in the world. Turquoise is also found in Iran, besides Neishabour, in Damghan and Kerman.

Agate Stone
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Agate is a type of quartz and is in the category of semi-precious Iranian Stones. Iran is also one of the opal suppliers in the world. Ordinary agate or agate is composed of regular layers of chalcedony, and in the center of it, amethyst crystals can be seen. Agate is widely available in black, gray, white, and yellow to red, green, and light blue colors and is very popular among semi-precious Iranian Stones. One of the oldest agate mines in Iran is the Baig mine in Khorasan Razavi province. “Bamrud” mine in South Khorasan is one of the suppliers of wood agate in Iran.

Jade Stone
Let me tell you a little about jade. Jadestone is one of the most famous Iranian Stones because of its healing properties. This gemstone is available in white, green, black, purple, red, and blue, but its green type is very famous and popular. Myanmar is one of the essential sources of Jadeite stone.

Although pearl cannot be placed in the category of Iranian Stones, it can be considered one of the most precious gems in Iran, important pearl mines in the world India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Red Sea, USA, Britain, France, and the Persian Gulf Can be named. Pearls are made inside some bivalve shells. When foreign particles settle inside the oyster, the animal secretes organic matter layers, conchiolin, and carbonate, around the foreign body, which eventually forms a pearl.

Lapis Lazuli, One Of The Most Valuable Iranian Stones
Lapis Lazuli is another precious stone in Iran. lapis lazuli stone has a long history in Iran so that the ancient Iranians used this stone in tiling and sculpture. It is interesting to know that the more golden dots inside the lapis lazuli stone and the fewer white streaks it has, the more valuable it is. lapis lazuli mines are very limited in the world. The best lapis lazuli mines in the world are Badakhshan Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush. The stone is also found in Russia, Pakistan, South America, and Iran. It’s a valuable Iranian stone.

It’s one of the Iranian Stones. The high value is due to its high hardness, shiny luster, and high dispersion. It is also completely insoluble in acids and bases, and cracks, fractures, scratches, and cracks reduce the clarity of diamonds. Diamonds are usually made at a depth of 100-210 km below the earth’s surface at a temperature of about 900-1300 ° C and a pressure between 45-60 kbar. Diamonds are mined in Siberia, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, India, and Russia. In Iran, ophiolite belts are among the areas prone to diamond exploration. In pre-Islamic Iran, not much attention was paid to diamonds. Iranian scientists such as Abu Rihan al-Biruni and Abu Ali Sina have studied this mineral in the Islamic period; the ancient Iranians did not pay much attention to diamonds due to the lack of mines in Iran or nearby lands.

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Topaz is the hardest silicate of minerals and probably the hardest mineral in nature (hardness 8) and between Iranian Stones. Its common color is golden brown to yellow. Significant yellow topaz crystals are found in Siberia, and pink crystals in Russia and blue crystals are found in Ukraine, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. In Iran, some pegmatite veins of Alvand granite contain topaz. Its effects have also been observed on the island of Hormuz.


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