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Iran Art Exhibition



There are more than a thousand types of stones, of which about 50 models have a material and spiritual value and are used in the jewelry industry. In these types of gemstones, we have mentioned.

Tanzanite was found scattered in northern Tanzania in 1962, scientists put it in the Zuisit group, and five years later, miners discovered a large mine in another area and began exploration in earnest. Tanzanian production was low, but from 1980 to the early 1990s, jewelry became available to everyone in bulk and quality, and after a few years, similar Tanzanite-like products entered the market.

Blue stone
The name of this stone is derived from the Latin word “blue stone”. This stone has been used in jewelry and other fields for hundreds of years. Even the ancient Egyptians pulverized the stone and used it for cosmetics and painters to create blue in their paintings.

It is a purple crystalline rock. Its color is made up of elements of manganese, iron and titanium. Its discovery is mostly in Brazil, Madagascar, Uruguay and the Urals.

Spodumen gemstone
One of the newest minerals in the world market for precious and semi-precious stones is the various species of the Spodumene family, whose name is derived from the Greek word Spodeios meaning gray.

Lapis Lazuli is a combination of several different minerals. Havin owes its beauty to blue, Sudalite, Nozandan, and Valazurite, which are a combination of the same form as Havin and Sodalite.

Yemeni agate
Agate belongs to the family of incendiary rocks (Yemeni stone) and is formed by the settling of silica in a rock cavity.

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Diamond is the most widely used gemstone, commonly used in engagement rings. Diamonds symbolize the tenth and sixtieth anniversaries of marriage. The diamond is derived from the Greek word adamas, which means invincibility and eternal love.
Pearl The birth of a pearl is the result of an unusual phenomenon or accident, and is in fact a product of the melancholy nature of factors such as sea-bed movements, storms on the surface of the water, or the entry of floods into the sea that create intense currents. They shake in the depths of the sea and create the right conditions for the formation of pearl nuclei. The pearl, or pearl, is a usually white, shiny gem that forms within some biceps, such as the pearl oyster. When a foreign object, such as a speck of sand, is placed between the shell and its shell, the animal secretes layers composed of the organic organic matter of the conchiolin and the crystals of calcite or aragonite around the foreign body. From these concentric layers, pearls gradually form.

Garnet is a symbol of the second wedding anniversary. This stone has long been a symbol of faith and truth, and according to ancient beliefs, people who carry the garnet stone can establish lasting and lasting friendly relations with those around them.

Red coral
This stone is based on calcium carbonate and is available in different colors. Which often tends to change from pink to bright red.

Aquamarine is available in light blue to beige and juicy green, the best of which is blue garlic. Lower quality Aquamarine crystals can be converted to garlic blue by heating to about 400 degrees.

The blue gem used by the kings of Pharaohs and Aztec as ornaments is probably one of the oldest known jewels. The characteristic blue color of this gem is described as the turquoise blue used to describe similar colors. The gem has been said to have been widely used as an ornament since 200 BC by the natives of the American Southwest and many Indian tribes in Mexico.

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: World famous gemstones. Kuh-e Noor diamond is one of the most famous diamonds in the world. The Diamond of the Mountain of Light was discovered in 1656 in the area of the ancient castle of Golkandeh near Hyderabad, India, and was eventually given to the Queen of England, Victoria, in 1850, after it fell into the hands of Eastern men, including Nader Shah. Since then, the stone has been one of the jewels of the British Royal Crown. The diamond of the Sea of Light is the diamond pair of the Mountain of Light. The color of this diamond is pink and it is unique in this respect. The Sea of Light weighs 182 carats. Darya Noor, which is one of the oldest and most well-known diamonds in the world, is now housed in the Maliiran Jewelry Museum on Ferdowsi Street in Tehran. According to Iranians, the history of this diamond goes back to myths and legends. The value of this jewel to the Iranians is so great that during the reign of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar and when it was defeated, it was taken from the constitutionalist who wanted to travel to Russia, but was once again returned to the government by the constitutionalist. This diamond has been the backbone of Iran’s rial. Diamonds and other precious stones are weighed in terms of carats. For example, the Kuh-e-Noor diamond weighs 109 carats (each carat is 200 grams of jewelry and pearls). The largest diamond in history has 3106 carats. Most famous diamonds are colorless. But there are exceptions. As mentioned, the diamond of the Sea of Light is pink, and the color of the Hep diamond, now housed in an institute in Washington DC, is garlic blue. Most diamonds look blue under black light. But the Hep diamond looks red under the black light. There are some famous diamonds that have disappeared for a while and have been on sale for years. An example of this is the 70-carat diamond eye of the idol. The diamond was stolen from an Iranian prince in 1607 and donated in 1906 to the Sultan of Turkey. The diamond was sold at auction in New York in the 1960s. Some rubies and emeralds are even more expensive than their own diamonds. Large rubies are the rarest gemstones, and large emeralds are almost as rare. The most interesting ruby is its stellar type. The star ruby is shaved in such a way that the star is completely clear.


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