Iran Art Exhibition
Iran Art Exhibition



Iran (Persia) has been a center of art and civilization since ancient times. This beautiful country is home to one of the richest art heritages and handicrafts in the world. Iranian arts have been passed on from generation to generation. Iranian handicrafts and artistic works can be found in different Iran major cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz and etc. each city of Iran is famous for some specific handicrafts.

Terme is woven since Safavid era. Termeh needs wool and silk of good quality, it’s a very durable cloth in which fixed colors are used so it can be washed easily. Weaving Termeh is a very careful, sensitive and time consuming job. Termeh has many different patterns. These fabrics can be decorated with elaborative embroidery called “Sermeh Doozi”. Best Termeh can be found in the historical city of Yazd.

( Paisley is a pattern which is widely used in many Iranian handicrafts. This is an ornamental pattern with Persian origin, using a teardrop-shaped motif with a curved upper end.)

Inlaid works
Inlaid works (or in Persian: Khatam) is typically boxes which could be made in different shapes, or other objects like chessboards, pipes, tables, frames and … . In these works, metal rods from brass, bones from various animals and colored woods are cut in triangle and star forms and glued on the objects’ surfaces. Best Inlaid works are found in Isfahan.

Iranian Calico
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Calico or Ghalamkar is a kind of cloth (mostly tablecloth) made of pure cotton fabrics and available in different sizes. In this handicraft, an especial technique is used for applying patterns on fabrics. After applying the pattern, the fabric is boiled in water. Best calicos are also found in Isfahan.

Carpet weaving
It’s a truly valuable and world-famous Iranian handicraft. Iranian carpets are traditionally handmade and are from natural materials. Carpets of different Iran cities have different patterns.

Metal engraving
The masters of metal engraving (or Ghalamzani in Persian) use copper and silver dishes and other objects and they engrave the images of nature, animals, and birds and … on them for decoration. After that, the surface is rubbed with coal and then polished.

This Iranian art has been used in a lot of historical Persian and Islamic architectures such as different cities’ mosques. The patterns are based on precise geometrical motifs.

Enamel working
Enamel working (or Minakari in Persian) is the art of decorating and coating metal dishes and vases with multicolored (mostly blue) enamels. Best Enamel workings are also found in the historical city of Isfahan.

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Miniature is a traditional Iranian style of painting. It mostly shows images of animals and hunting or polo scenes. Farshchian is the most famous contemporary miniaturist.


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