Iran Art Exhibition
Iran Art Exhibition



Hand woven carpet (Handmade Carpets)

Persian rugs also known as Iranian carpet is an important floor covering that is used here and in most places in the world. It is hand made here in Iran from high-quality wool and silk. The motifs used in Iranian rugs are derived from the cultures and lifestyle of its weavers from anywhere in Iran. It is often said that every Persian rug is a beautiful piece of Iranian culture and nature, and not just an item of house decor.

Although carpet weaving in Iran is a national art, it is not limited to a city or a specific place in the country. Some of the cities that are famous for making Iranian rugs are Tabriz, Kashan and Isfahan.

Khatam Kari (Marquetry)

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: The Persian marquetry (also known as Persian inlaid work) is another important Persian handicraft. Khatam is basically the art of decorating the surface of wooden objects in the form of mosaics with wooden, bone and metal geometric shapes.

From about 400 years ago, it has spread to various parts of Iran, especially in the cities of Shiraz and Isfahan. Delicate and meticulous marquetry has been produced since the period of Safavid dynasty rule in Iran.

The more smaller pieces, the more will be the value of Khatam marquetry.

Persian Miniatures

Miniature is a kind of painting which has a long history that dates back to the scribes of the medieval ages. It is a traditional Iranian style of painting that is very detailed. Except for Iran, it is seen in Japan, the Far East and China. In Iran, one of the most beautiful miniature designs are flowers and birds designs.

Persian enameling (Mina Kari)

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Next is Persian enameling or Mina Kari, which dates back to over 5000 years of history. Mina Kari is basically an art of decorating metals with colored materials. Today, this art is mostly made on copper, but it can also be done on gold and silver. Isfahan is a major centers of Persian enameling.


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