Iran Art Exhibition
Iran Art Exhibition



Khatamkari (Marquetry) is one of the decorative arts of Iran in which, with the purposeful reprinting of the polygonal patterns and shapes, very beautiful images are being created. The eloquent and grand art of Khatamkari has decorated and played role in the beautification of some of the Iranian ancient palaces and buildings and now is used in the practical and applied handicraft industry. In marquetry, threads of bones, seashell, wood, and various metallic materials are placed beside one another in triangular cutaway surfaces and then are cut in form of very thin slabs. After that, these thin slabs are placed on the surface on which they are supposed to be worked on with extreme mastery and subtlety and then are burnished to finally give off the art that catches any glace, that is, the marquetry.

Important Points in Purchasing a High-Quality Khatamkari
If you are planning to purchase one of the Khatamkari products pay attention to make sure that the surface of the work is utterly flat and there is no trace of priming left on it. A high-quality Khatamkari has got symmetrical patterns and images and its reiterated images and patterns are identical in size. The smaller the images and patterns reiterated on the surface of the work, the higher the aesthetic value of the marquetry, Shiraz is considered as the birthplace of Iran’s Khatamkari art. Nevertheless, you will be able to purchase Khatamkari works from any other credible and valid Iranian handicraft industry stores nationwide.

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: The Khatamkari dishes and objects are extremely sensitive to humidity. So, in order to prolong their endurance, you better keep them in dry places. At minimum, you need 50.000 Tomans for purchasing a Khatamkari work.


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