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As the name suggests, a certificate of appreciation is a certificate to appreciate an employee for the exceptional work he/ she has done and achieved great results. There will be only a few people for whom praise might not matter, but it is a great source of external motivation for most people. It is a stupendous gesture to appreciate a person’s dedicated hard work towards the company. It will further motivate the employee to perform with such excellence in the future. Another advantage of awarding a tremendously determined employee with the certificate of appreciation will inspire others to work with their full potential, thereby bearing optimum results for the company. Appreciation or recognition also results in bringing synergy amongst the team members.
A certificate of appreciation is essential in every job field to sustain the employees’ determination and show them that their efforts are wanted by the company, the sense of contribution towards the goal achieved. Usually, a certificate of appreciation will have a common format, regardless of the companies name or type of work. What is supposed to be on the certificate will be decided depending on whom you appreciate and what kind of work. A certificate of appreciation is usually awarded to an employee for delivering exceptional results, exceeding decided goals, exemplary leadership, or maybe completing work before time, etc.

How To Write the Certificate Of Appreciation?
Now, the point of concern is how do you make the certificate of appreciation.
 First of all, you need to decide what type of certificate of appreciation you are planning to distribute, the reason for the same. (Note- Much of the content of the certificate will be the same, no matter what it is being awarded for). The most important thing to keep in mind is that each certificate should address the recipient personally.

 After you have decided the type of appreciation certificate, you have to now refer to the format, along the lines.

 After figuring out the format and laying it out, you need to choose the certificate wording for recognition. While most of the content is standard, the statement of recognition should be specific to the recipient.

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Given below are a few examples of the content of the certificate:
1. “In recognition of your exceptional work…”
2. “Thank you for putting in your maximum efforts and delivering stupendous results…”
3. We are grateful to you for your innovative ideas and dedicated work…”
4. “With deep appreciation for your exemplary leadership qualities…”
5. “Thanking you for your incomparable commitment towards work…”
While writing the letter of a certificate, you need to look at the deeper meaning of the word ‘appreciation.’ Many people know how to use it. Still, they might not understand that appreciation can allow a person to achieve great heights and deliver exceptional results. The goal of the certificate will be a sense of confidence in the employee. Gratitude is the core of becoming much more responsible and a nicer individual. Expressing your gratitude and appreciating the employee makes your relationship as an employer much more loyal and trustable.
“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it all into words is all that is necessary.” —Margaret Cousins

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Whenever someone performs a specific task for you, saying ‘thank you might be taken as a formality by the receiver, but adding motivational praise, like ‘good work’ or ‘keep it up’ will actually instigate the person to perform even better in the coming tasks. To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, the points to keep in mind while writing or issue a certificate of Appreciation will be that it must only be written in a certain format. The content should be solely dedicated to the recipient. It should only be written in professional language, and any slang words should be avoided. Another tip for a perfect certificate of appreciation will be to write the recipient’s name in bold to make it stand out. It is essential to review the certificate for any spelling or grammatical errors before distributing it. One can prepare to layout your certificate of appreciation on the computer and have it printed on nice certificate paper to present to the recipient. You can even choose to have it laminated if you want it to have a professional touch.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. To whom is the certificate of Appreciation issued?
Answer: A certificate of appreciation is usually issued to an employee who has delivered exceptional results to the company, an employee who has shown incomparable diligence, has dedicated hours of hard work towards achieving the goal, has worked extremely well with his/her colleagues, shared some great and innovative ideas Etc. A certificate of appreciation is to acknowledge the employee’s efforts and motivate him to perform with such determination in the future as well.

2. Difference between a certificate of appreciation and a letter of appreciation.
Answer: The grounds/reason for both the letter and the certificate are no doubt the same. The main differences are the format, the style of writing, and the word count. A letter of appreciation is a letter one writes to a person to thank him/her for the assistance or help in some work. The writing style is rather personal and quite informal when writing a letter of appreciation compared to the certificate. A letter of appreciation will include all the specific details. You could include things that the person did that were especially useful or explain how the person went above and beyond. Details show the person you’re corresponding with that you are paying attention to their efforts. If we pay close attention to the format, we can see many similarities between the formal letter format and the letter of appreciation.

3. Why should a certificate of appreciation be issued to an employee?
Answer: A person who invests their valuable hours and works with full determination towards attaining newer heights of success for the company, he/surely deserves a small token of appreciation and acknowledgment. As humans, praise is a major driving force for us and is always desired, with only a few exceptions. Amongst the many advantages of an appreciation certificate, one is that it instigates other employees to try and work up to that level. According to a model, an employee with this certificate will set an example for others that their efforts and hard work hours are considered and are very much required by the company to meet its goal. Thus, consideration also offers a sense of belongingness.

4. Can a similar format be used for different types of appreciation certificates?
Answer: Yes, a similar format can certainly be used for different types of appreciation certificates. As explained above, once the type of appreciation certificate is decided, it is important to write the content of the certificate according to the reason for awarding the recipient with the same. Another thing to be taken into consideration while writing a certificate of appreciation is that the writing style should be strictly professional and formal. The content of the certificate should be specifically written for the respective recipient. It is always advisable to write the name of the recipient in a clear and bold fold so that it stands out. Format for different types of appreciation certificate might be the same, but it is important to have a personalized touch in each one of them.

5. Should the certificate of appreciation be accompanied by other rewards as well?
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Answer: In today’s materialistic world, any kind of an appreciation along with tangible awards garner more hunger towards excelling and achieving better results by the employees. While the words of appreciation in the certificate may give a feel-good factor to the individual, the tangible awards like monetary benefits or sponsored vacation trips give the whole family a sense of elation after achieving something, it also provides a paid break to the employee along with the words of wisdom. This trend is gaining a lot of importance in the western world. But there is one thing to keep in mind, you always award someone with respect to the work they have done, so providing any additional benefits along with the certificate of appreciation will entirely depend on the company and the type of work done.


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