Iran Art Exhibition
Iran Art Exhibition



Accurately adding special details and beautiful embroidery to wool felt can make all the difference in the look of your finished project. The best part is, it’s not even difficult to do. And you can use materials you have at home.
There are a few different ways of transferring embroidery details and designs to wool felt. So sometimes the easiest way to add those details is to draw them on with an erasable marker, complete the stitchery and then erase your marker lines. This method is easy and straightforward. It can work for small details too. But what if you want to stitch an intricate design? Or you’re looking for accuracy?
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: All you need is your project, and some thin tracing paper or tissue paper. use paper lunch wrap (the non-waxy kind). It’s sturdier than tissue paper and usually finer than tracing paper. If you’re not sure if your paper is suitable, try tearing it. If it tears easily, it should be ideal.

1. Trace the embroidery design and individual details onto a small piece of thin tracing or tissue paper. If the project has an outline or edge to the shape, trace that too. Then cut out the paper on the edge of the design or on the shape outline. Be sure you don’t trace your design with lead pencil as the lead can ‘muddy’ up the floss as you stitch through it.

2. Pin the paper over the felt shape, making sure all the details line up. For really small felt pieces, stick the template in place with low-adhesive cello or sticky tape, so you can easily remove the template after stitching. You can also small clips designed for quilting. These are ideal as they don’t bend the felt.

3. Sew the embroidery details onto the felt by stitching directly through the paper.

4. When you’ve finished the embroidery, hold the stitches with one hand as you gently tear away the paper with the other. Use your needle or a pin to help tease any stray bits of paper out from under the stitches (if necessary).

Here’s the finished kitty, so you can see the full effect!

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: And that’s it! Wasn’t it easy? There are some innovative products on the market that you can buy to also achieve the same results.
However, I prefer not to get wool felt wet if I can avoid it. So I am just as happy using my tissue paper method. It’s the technique I use in all my sewing patterns. It’s quick, easy and practical.


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