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Iran Art Exhibition



Sangab used to be used for water storage and was usually installed in public and important places such as city crossings. In the past, Sangab was always full of fresh and refreshing water, and when a person decided to drink water during the day, he used the water in this container to satisfy his need. Some people also use chocolate and ingredients to put it. Other foods are used in catering. The appearance of the turquoise sangab, which is made using various metals, including copper, consists of a large bowl-like chamber with long and narrow bases. Turquoise Sangab has different dimensions and is mostly decorative. Neishabour turquoise used in Sangab is of good quality and also the copper metal used in making this dish has a high purity. Turquoise utensils, like other handicraft products, need to be well cared for to last longer.
When you look at the shop windows of handicraft shops, you see different dishes with beautiful and sometimes unfamiliar shapes. Most of these vessels, including turquoise sangab, have had important uses in the past. Today, with the creation of various new utensils using modern devices and machines, these utensils do not have their use as in the past and have become more decorative and artistic.
Sangab is a device that was used in ancient times in some places such as Saqakhans or mosques. There is still something like Sangab in similar places in some countries. Today, with the passage of time, old Sangab has become one of the beautiful decorative items. Sangab has a cup-like structure that rides on a long and elegant base and is a very beautiful and suitable option for decorating different places. The body and base are skillfully decorated with precious turquoise stones.
You can prepare and enjoy Sangab in several different and varied sizes, each of which has its own function.

Design, role, form:
The warm color of copper along with the coolness of turquoise blue and the body of a copper cup mounted on a pedestal has given a special glory to this sangab.
Also, the order of the arrangement of the original turquoise stones of Neishabour, which are mosaic-like with a shine and beautiful color on the body and a base of Sangab, are charming.
Sort :
From the past to the present, the properties of copper and its effects on human health have been considered by the majority. The combination of two colors, copper and turquoise, creates a beautiful contrast and brings a special calmness. It is also very effective for the events you want. This dish is suitable for serving all kinds of sweets, chocolates and..

Products goes through three stages:
The beginning of the bending stage, the second turquoise, the third polishing, which includes: putty, sawing and turning, turning, polishing, washing inside the container and the final coating.
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: The infrastructure of this product is a bending method with special skills. After making the desired dish, the next stage of construction begins. Prepare the surface for turquoise. After heating, the desired part is glued and the quality turquoise seeds are put together and glued. At the end of the work, three steps of polyester are used to protect and increase the strength of the product. The polyester used is one of the world’s top brands that increases the beauty of product and increases the product’s resistance.

Maintenance :
To preserve handicraft products, in the last stage of making this sangab, they cover the turquoise stones with a layer of special polyester to give a longer shelf life to this beautiful work.
However, the products is resistant to light, washing and impact.
But it is better to observe several things to keep the handicraft product better.
Try to avoid any contact with chemicals.
Avoid washing with hot water and chemical detergents.
Do not expose to direct sunlight and stay away from any damage or impact.
Use a dry cloth if you need to clean.

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Iranian art is the outcome of elegance, creativity, and aesthetic sense of the artists of Iran from the past to the present and covers a huge range in many art fields.
Turquoise work or turquoise fixing is the decorating of the metal surfaces like gold, silver or copper with little turquoise stones. At the moment, turquoise work is mainly done in Isfahan city. The base layer is made by the artist according to the design of the turquoise part, so that the surrounding part where the turquoise work has to be done is embossed for 2 or 3 mm.

What makes this product unique?
1. Sangab Turquoise is a combination of art and science.
2. Sangab is composed of high-quality Kerman copper metal, which is skillfully bonded with Neishabour turquoise stone.
3. The Aghajani turquoise stone is 14 cm in diameter and 20 cm in height.
4. The art of turquoise Sangab combines bending, engraving, and turquoise handicrafts.

General features of this product
Our country’s artists have collaborated to create the best Iranian handicraft products, which they have been able to sell both domestically and internationally. Using native capabilities in a variety of industries may be a big assist in terms of accelerating growth and creating a more dynamic economy.


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