Iran Art Exhibition
Iran Art Exhibition



Iran is historically a leather producer and its products are well-known. Iran’s leather and skins enjoy a high quality and have been traditionally exported to other countries as well. Iran is one the most famous manufacturer of superfine raw leather in the world.
Leather units, at present, are actively operating in three strategic areas of Tehran, Tabriz and Mashhad.. All the products would be available on any kinds of leather like: Ostrich, snake, animal leather. Leather Industry in Iran – In recent years, the number of livestock has reached a new peak, totaling 57 million sheep and lambs, 8 million cows and calves, and 28 million goats and kids. Annual livestock slaughter is 32 percent for sheep and goat, and 29 percent for cattle and calves.

As a result, over 27 million sheep and goat skins and over 2.5 cow and calf hides have been produced. In this way, has become a good producer of leather and leather products. The leather industry is a professional business that demands high levels of expertise .About 120,000 people are employed in Iran’s leather industry and produce 200 million products a year. In recent years, the domestic industry has seen the emergence of companies that produce high quality leather products and managed to establish popular brands.

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Leather making is one of the most original handicrafts of the nomadic people and herdsmen of Iran. Cold weather in livestock and nomadic areas has led to the production of these products. Over time, handmade furs attracted the attention of tourists, and their manufacture became popular among nomads for sale to travelers. The skins are made from the skins of lambs and sheep and in Turkmen they are called “Ochmak”.
Leather products are one of the most popular handicrafts in Iran. Of course, leather handicrafts are produced in different parts of the world and can be said to be one of the most important export handicrafts in the whole world. The leather industry is a handicraft dependent on animal products, and handmade leather works are among the most expensive handicrafts on the market. The variety of leather artwork is high and includes different types of clothing, bags, shoes, and decorative items. The most important sub-categories of leather handicrafts include traditional leather binding, traditional saddlery, leather stitching, leather mosaic, leather painting, saddle making, and engraving on leather.


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