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What are the raw materials used in handicrafts?
Natural Ingredients for Handicraft Products
 Clay. Crafts made of clay are commonly known to people with ceramic crafts.
 Natural Fiber. Natural fiber is fiber derived from plants and animals.
 Wood. Indonesia has many tropical forests which store the largest natural wealth of wood in the world.
 Bamboo.
 Skin.
 Metal.
 Stone.

What is Philippine handicraft?
Examples of products include lamps, office accessories, postcards, shawls, pillow covers and necklaces. The products are made of natural materials such as grass, abaca (Musa textilis), rattan, pandan, vine stems and handmade paper.

What are the common kinds of crafts in the Philippines?
Traditional arts like weaving, metal smith, pottery, woodcarving and gold smith are famous all over the country and are valued both by the locals and tourists. The valuable ornate carvings are a specialty in the southern Philippine Islands.

What are the local materials in the Philippines?
local materials in the philippines
 bakbak. the outermost covering or leaf sheath of the abaca stalk.
 bamboo. is used a s a raw material in creating many products.
 buntal. a cylindrically shaped fibers.
 buri. is extracted from the matured leaves of the buri palm.
 coir.
 nito.

What is the different kinds of handicraft materials?
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Types of Craft. Textiles. Appliqué, Crocheting, Embroidery, Felt-making, Knitting, Lace-making, Macramé, Quilting, Tapestry art, Weaving. Woodcraft.

What are the handicraft products?
Top 10 List of Handicrafts Products
 List of Handicrafts Products.
 #1 Handlooms and Textiles.
 #2 Jewelry.
 #3 Apparels and Accessories.
 #4 Carpets.
 #5 Leather Goods.
 #6 Paintings.
 #7 Garments.

What are the materials used in making handicrafts in different regions in the Philippines?
Wood carvings, weavings and pottery Creative artisans, seeing the wealth of natural materials available – bamboo, rattan, nipa palm, pina and abaca (pineapple and hemp fibres), seashells, and marble – have used them to fashion a range of handicrafts, from tiny baskets to massive pieces of furniture.

What are the tools used in handicrafts?
Tools Used in Handicrafts
 Craft Knife. Some craft knifes have interchangable blades.
 Glue Gun. Glue guns come in various sizes.
 Woodburning Tool. Use a wood burning tool to make a sign.
 Scissors. Use craft scissors to scallop the edges of paper.
 Cutting Tools.
 Miter Box.
 Pliers.

What are some common indigenous materials used for handicraft?
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: The native Filipino products, like in wooden or rattan furniture and handicrafts, woven abaca or pinacloth, and other handmade or carved toy or trinket one usually finds in rural areas was made from indigenous raw materials. Natural fibers from rattan, bamboo, nipa leaves, abaca and pina are commonly used for weaving.

What are the different kinds of Philippine materials used in handicrafts?
What are the materials used in Filipino architecture?
Traditional Filipino Architecture It is made of indigenous materials like wood or bamboo, nipa, grass, and other native materials. Many people know this by heart thanks to the Filipino Folk Song Bahay Kubo.

What are the products of the Philippine handicraft industry?
Handicraft makers fashion them into baskets, bags, clothing accessories, cabinets, lamp shades, wall décor, bamboo sofa sets, cabinets, clothes, and others that one can think of using the indigenous materials. Below are the indigenous materials (with images and descriptions) used for making the products mentioned above.

What kind of goods are made in the Philippines?
Philippine handicrafts are usually taken into character in terms of jewelry, textiles, and artisan goods in which its raw materials are locally sourced. On this note, it is truly an advantage for Filipino craftsmen that there are abundant raw materials readily available for their trade. Where to buy authentic Philippine handicrafts?

Where are the best crafts in the Philippines?
The Kalinga people in the Cordillera Administrative Region have long been renowned for their distinct weaving tradition, in fact, they are one of the most noteworthy Filipino artisans. Even if indigenous creative crafts in the Philippines, local craftsmen in the highlands are definitely worthy of attention and here is why.

What kind of wood do they use in the Philippines?
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: In a typical Filipino house, you will see a set of furniture made with rattan, a bamboo-like wood which is more hallow and solid. These grow into hundreds of meters long. 3. Bamboo – This is a kind of grass (you heard it right) that’s used in making most of Filipino-made furniture.


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