Iran Art Exhibition
Iran Art Exhibition



Among the most popular handicrafts in Iran, Persian wooden handicrafts have traditionally come in more than 20 forms, thanks to the great variety of wood available in the country.

Forms of wooden handicrafts
• Khatamkari
• Marquetry
• Monabbatkari
• Marquetry-Monabbat
• Woodturning
• Wood carving
• Kapuweaving (a combination of knitting and wicker)
• Wood engraving
• Bamboo weaving
• Wicker (arqavān weaving, morvār weaving, cham weaving, Bouria weaving, Bampur handheld fans)
• Moharraq-kari
• Fretwork
• Traditional instruments
• Pyrography (wood burning)
• Painting on wood

Creating delightful spaces with wooden handicrafts
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Wooden handicrafts today come in various forms and functions and can be used to decorate different spaces. Some of the places where such handicrafts can be used are:
• Kitchen display cabinets
• Bathrooms
• Bedrooms
• Walls
• Console cabinets
• Home and office hallways
• Desks
• Home workspaces

How do I make sure I’m buying authentic wooden handicrafts?
Handicrafts are artistic creations; therefore, working as a handicraft maker requires honesty and clarity so that buyers, enthusiastic about the art, can rest assured they’re being sold authentic products.
In the handicrafts market, a product might:
1. Be Persian but not made from conventional materials or what it’s labeled to have been made from.
2. Have been smuggled.
3. Be faux but sold as genuine.
Buy from certified sellers to make sure you don’t come across such products.

Different Ways of cleaning wooden handicrafts
Here are a few methods for cleaning wooden handicrafts:
1. Warm water and dish soap: Pour some dish soap on a soft sponge and slowly run the sponge downwards on your wooden handicrafts to clean dirt and grease stains off of them.
2. Salt and lemon: Mix some salt with fresh lemon juice and rub the mixture on your wooden handicrafts with a sponge.
3. Water and vinegar: Mix vinegar and water with a ratio of 2:3 and rub the solution on your wooden handicrafts using a soft cloth.
4. Superfine sandpaper: Use a piece of super fine sandpaper to softly polish areas on your wooden handicrafts that are darkened with years’ worth of dirt. Make sure to just remove a layer of grease rather than the wood itself. So, be especially gentle with wooden handicrafts!

Which Iranian cities produce wooden handicrafts?
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Traditionally produced in Isfahan, Persian wooden handicrafts are now made also in Yazd, Bushehr, Malayer, Shiraz, and Kermanshah.

What countries are Persian wooden handicrafts exported to?
Qatar, South Africa, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, the UAE, Malaysia, Libya, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Canada, and the US are currently the main markets for Iran’s wooden handicrafts export.


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