Iran Art Exhibition
Iran Art Exhibition



Wooden handicrafts are one of the delicate and attractive Persian handicrafts that everyone realizes when they see them. A delicate and beautiful work created by hand, for many years, shows its creative taste. Since the raw materials are wood, there are many and natural handicrafts in parts of Iran. All types of wooden handicrafts products made of wood and or tree stems are made to be welcomed.

Oldest types of wooden handicrafts in Iran
A study of the history of wooden handicrafts in Iran shows that the oldest example of wooden handicrafts was found in ancient excavations in the burnt city of Zabul. It is a piece of wooden comb engraved with geometric patterns and knots, dating back to the fifth millennium BC. The group, which believes the mosaic came to Iran from other countries. Interpreted the excavation as saying that the shoulder belonged to travelers who had passed through the city. But research on the roles of the shoulder revealed that the designs on it, The completely Iranian. Based on this, it can be concluded that Iran is the founder of mosaic work. This art has been transferred from this region to other places.
Different types of wooden handicrafts are part of the national identity, culture, indigenous, traditional, and originality of Iranians. It is one of the disciplines that, despite its traditional and ancient structure, can have special and vital functions such as spirituality, income generation, and so on.
Wooden handicrafts are part of Iranian relics and have been used by us on loan at this time and place. Iranians have a duty to leave this loan safe and sound to their children. Based on this, by purchasing original Persian wood carving handicrafts, we can put our country’s wooden handicrafts first in the household shopping cart, then standardize it, pave the way for the production of original handicrafts, and finally take effective steps to remove obstacles. And let’s get rid of the export problems.

Wood carving, and Woodturning
Woodcarving is one of the arts and wooden handicrafts that depicts reliefs and paintings. It is obtained from carving on wood. The first history of woodcarving goes back to the distant past when simple tools were used to carve wood. Of course, due to different weather conditions and short lifespan, wood has been damaged and lost its resistance.
Woodturning is one of the types of wooden handicrafts, which has maintained its common and gradual aspect in this field since ancient times. Most of these types of wooden handicrafts can be seen in the wooded areas of the country. In the art of turning, we can mention wood (soft and wet) such: white wood, walnut wood, alder wood, willow wood, etc.
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: These wooden handicrafts have attracted the attention of many tourists to represent and illustrate part of Iranian art. The art of turning is a combination of rotational movements of the machine and symmetrical and horizontal lathes, which today have replaced the old wooden tools with electric and metal tools, which has also affected the speed and comfort of designers.

Body sculpting
Body sculpting is one of the branches of wooden handicrafts in which sculpture of geometric volumes designs the general anatomy of the human body and birds and animals in different situations and uses different tools to transfer different designs to wood and body.

Wood marquetry, and Inlay (Khatam Kari)
One of the most beautiful arts and the most detailed work on wood is marquetry. Through cutting with a needle, beautiful wooden designs are delicately and accurately created, which are then lubricated to make them shiny. The wood of each tree naturally has its own unique color that is used to create different colors and textures in these wooden handicrafts. This art is more likely to decorate. The essential products are like a desk, a variety of paintings that are made in the form of wood. Decorate wooden appliances such as libraries and sideboards. This branch of wooden handicrafts can be considered as one of the essential fields in small workshops or home-based businesses.
The art of Inlay is to decorate the surface of objects with small triangles, the various designs of which have always been in the form of regular geometric shapes. These geometric shapes are embossed by placing small triangles next to each other. The Inlay of geometric maps is made up of equilateral triangles made of ivory, bone, wood, and brass wire and are usually glued to two millimeters thick objects.

Fretwork, and Wooden window
One of the types of wooden handicrafts Fretwork is called. Work is often accompanied by other artworks related to wood (Woodcarving). After the implementation of the design on the wood. The negative parts of the project are removed by the tool until the original design will remain in the form of a grille. Usually, the remaining layout also works to make the design and become more beautiful.
The wooden window is a type of wooden handicraft that has different designs and dimensions that include colorful glass. One of the most important characteristics of these windows is their beauty and their role in geometry. Due to the small network of these windows and colored glass, in addition to the light that comes from the outside of the room. It is possible to view out of the inside to the room. That’s why it was very popular in old houses. In the old houses of Kashan, Yazd, and Isfahan, there are beautiful wooden windows.

Fuel on wood
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: In the art of fueling wood, various molds are made of steel or brass, which has a traditional role. By heating these molds on fire and pressing them on wood. And transferring the effect of this burn, beautiful works of art are created, such as tables, furniture, jewelry boxes, and so on.

Wooden Musical instruments
This String is one of the most abandoned wooden handicrafts. Traditional musical instruments such as sitar, violin, fiddle, flute, etc., are made of durable and suitable wood. The type of wood used in them and the master or workshop that produces these instruments are the most important factors in quality. Animal skin and wire are also used to complete the construction of an instrument next to the wood.


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