Iran Art Exhibition
Iran Art Exhibition



One of the oldest technologies in Iran is the technology of producing copper and glassware and shaping with a special design in the past centuries.

The first metalworkers, especially coppersmiths, can be considered Iranians, who called the technologists in this field blacksmiths, who, due to their many capabilities such as disinfection in food, high heat tolerance and beautiful shapes, quickly spread this art in countries. The world became different.

The coppersmith industry in Isfahan, Kerman, Shiraz, Kashan and Yazd has flourished during the Islamic era and until today, so that in most of these cities, one of the markets called the coppersmith market was dedicated to the owners of this art industry. In the blacksmith market of these cities, dozens of blacksmiths made all kinds of copper utensils, tools and objects with the power of their arms and hammer blows. Today, works of this art can still be found in these markets.

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: These copper utensils with different elements and medical to artistic features have now become one of the most popular handicrafts that Iran has a significant share in this industry and according to published statistics, in 2019 the export of Iran’s copper industry in total It was about $ 20 million, of which about $ 2.7 million was related to the export of copper and copper related handicrafts.

Iranian copper handicrafts include a wide range of functional products such as pot service and cooking utensils, pitchers, glasses, plates and trays and similar products, as well as decorative products such as wall clocks and copper paintings, which have a wide range of audiences.


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