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Turquoise inlaying is one of the most eye-catching and popular Iranian handicrafts. Artists and craftsmen use turquoise pieces to create decorative objects, jewelry and beautiful utensils. In these eye-catching handicrafts, turquoise stones in very small sizes are placed next to each other regularly and at a short distance and then polished.


Iran is the origin of many arts that are world famous. Different handicrafts are made in a great variety and different raw materials.
Turquoise is one of these handicrafts that art lovers from all over the world travel to Iranian cities to see these works of art.
In the works of this art, small pieces of turquoise are carefully and delicately placed on a dish or objects made of impure copper, silver, brass, and so on. In the spaces between the pieces, black lacquer is used, and the shorter the distances, the more regular the artwork is and the more expensive the result.
The origin of this art is Khorasan province because the best and most quality turquoise of Iran is obtained in NEISHABOUR. This 80-year-old art was created by KHORASANI craftsmen and artists and gradually spread to other cities
At present, Isfahan is the flag bearer of the best and most exquisite products of this valuable art, and Isfahan male and female artists and craftsmen are involved in the production of this art.
Isfahan artists have made many innovations in various arts over the centuries. Fortunately, their masterpieces are still in museums and art conservation centers. Isfahan Turquoise is also one of these arts that is world famous and precious works have been created by turquoise artists.

Application of turquoise inlaying

Copper dishes and making turquoise vases, glasses, plates, turquoise confectionery, turmeric and… are among the utensils made with turquoise. This art is not limited to special utensils and today in addition to utensils it is also made in the form of jewelry.
This art, which is mostly decorative, has many applications in various environments. It is worth mentioning that turquoise was used as jewelry before it was implemented on dishes. Today, it still retains its use and, in addition to Iran, has its own fans in other countries.
Turquoise artists sometimes combine turquoise carving with other arts to create original and beautiful works. New techniques such as using lasers on wooden surfaces and using turquoise have recently become popular.

How to make turquoise dishes

This beautiful art is performed by experts in three stages. These steps are:
The first step of turquoise stamping involves preparing the turquoise base as the main structure of the work, which usually uses brass, silver, bronze and copper metals. In this step, the base metal is made and prepared to be used in the next step
The second step is to prepare the turquoise pieces in the appropriate sizes. The turquoise artist separates the small and large pieces and uses the same pieces to perform on the work. Then the surface of the prepared metal is heated and walnut varnish is used to glue turquoise. The gaps are filled with varnish and the surface of the stones stacked next to each other is matched using a syringe.
In the third stage, the polishing operation is performed and the turquoise surface is polished and polyester is applied on it. This makes the work surface shiny and the materials on it protect the turquoise

Tools and equipment required

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Tools and equipment required in the manufacture and execution of turquoise art include molds, hammers, drills, gas lamps, gasoline lamps, pliers, pliers, pliers, paints, various metal pipes, razors and sandpaper, and turquoise glue.
The main raw materials required are the use of turquoise particles, which can not be used in mines and turquoise workshops. In other words, turquoise is the art of using turquoise pieces that are no longer worth using

Features of high-quality turquoise

It will be more delicate when using smaller pieces of turquoise on the work surface. Therefore, it is more valuable because it is busy. The best turquoise products are made in such a way that the turquoise pieces are placed together with sufficient order and precision and there is not much distance between them. So that in the process of polishing and placing other parts do not move and do not separate from the metal surface

What are the properties of turquoise?

As you know, turquoise is one of the most widely used minerals. This stone is very useful for strengthening the function of the heart, eyes, respiratory system, liver and digestive organs and blood circulation. Many traditional healers recommend the use of jewelry, especially turquoise rings
Others believe that turquoise can be used to treat depression because it has a beneficial effect on human psychological reactions and the removal of negative forces.
Another property that can be mentioned for turquoise is strengthening the eyes and increasing eyesight. In general, this stone is known as a symbol of peace and tranquility, so that it is a symbol of friendship, peace, and goodwill among different tribes and nations.

Combining the art of turquoise with other arts

Artists in various fields have combined this art with other arts using the turquoise technique. This work, which is done with a lot of creativity, creates original and beautiful works of art. The combination of turquoise art with calligraphy, which results in the production of calligraphic paintings and the use of turquoise pieces, can be seen in museums and art exhibitions.
As a result of using turquoise, beautiful works are obtained in the art of inlay work. Miniature painters and artists also combine their artwork with turquoise to create exquisite works of world renown.

Turquoise workshop

Performing the art of turquoise stamping requires a suitable space due to the presence of chips and small and large pieces of turquoise stone as well as the materials used in the execution of the work. Many people dedicate space to this work in their home and work in it. The best place to practice turquoise is to set up a workshop. These workshops are set up and equipped in large dimensions and sufficient facilities. Turquoise artists and even apprentices of this art come to learn or perform turquoise carving in these places.
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Many customers go to turquoise workshops to buy their desired products. Many art lovers also visit these workshops and watch the performance of the art of turquoise. Seeing turquoise works of art in these workshops shows the efforts of masters over the years of experience that encourages art lovers to learn it.

Important points in maintaining turquoise stone

As mentioned, turquoise is one of the living minerals in the world and to maintain it, the necessary points must be observed. Important points in the maintenance and care of turquoise products are:
Turquoise products should be stored in an environment with normal temperature and away from it with heaters and other heating devices with high heat
One of the most important phenomena that damages the turquoise stone is direct sunlight, so place the turquoise in a place away from direct sunlight Use lukewarm water and a soft cloth to clean turquoise products and try not to use any chemical detergents.
The main enemy and the main harmers of turquoise are chemicals, especially perfumes, cosmetics, creams and chemical oils.
Impact is another thing that damages turquoise
In general, to use turquoise products, especially when serving, be careful not to damage the container. Also keep turquoise jewelry away when using cosmetics and creams. By observing these items, you can protect turquoise products well.

The use of turquoise in interior decoration

As you know, the variety of handicrafts in Isfahan is very high and responds to different tastes. Turquoise dishes are one of the most beautiful and exquisite handicrafts in Isfahan, which are produced in different designs and sizes. For this reason, it has decorative uses in various environments and can be easily set with mix of modern and traditional decorations
If you have designed a modern decoration in your home or office, you can easily decorate it with turquoise handicrafts and have a combination of modern and traditional decoration.
IRAN ART EXHIBITION: If the environment is small and it is not possible to use turquoise containers with larger dimensions such as what was said, use small and beautiful containers such as turquoise candy, turquoise flying saucer, turquoise vase, turquoise turban and…. You can give a beautiful effect to the environment


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