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Iran Art Exhibition



Glass art is an art of making and decorating utensils using melting glass dough. glass is breakable and limpid. In this post, we describe the stages of the “blowing technique”:
Glass art is an art that first heat the glass to make it soft and semi-liquid.
Then with special tools or blow with a special spout and simple tools, it brings a beautiful shape.
The method of making glass with your blowing is twofold.
They pick up the melted materials with blowing rod that they heat before they use.
Then the molten material fixed to the tip of the rod, knead on the table and rounded off.
Re-warming the dough on the head of the rod, blow in the rod and creating a small bubble in the middle of the Dough on the rod.
Then the dough going to be cold up to lose its redness.

The master rolled the rod to form the container’s original shape. Now put it into a mold to create a groove at the junction of the glass and the metal rod.
Then it connects the connector to the bottom of the dish and the master removes the rod from the duct groove.
Now the process of shaping and building the crater and the container pattern start.
Next, put the handle and decorations on it.
At the end, they put the completely glass in the kiln.
Then they turn off the furnace and wait for the glass cooled simultaneously with the cooling of the air inside the furnace.

IRAN ART EXHIBITION: Glass-making, molding of glass molds by a tail pipe and mold, for making dishes and decorative objects

The molding of glass molds by the tail tube and mold is called glass molding for the construction of dishes and decorative objects. The production of traces of traditional glassware is carried out in futile, square and combination methods. Glass decoration is also done in different ways at the same time as construction or after the finish is completed. The glass has been considered for properties such as material storage, magnification, high temperature bearing, light transmission, protective coating and decorative use. From this material, various products are produced, such as a plate, a bottle, a discus and a pot, broken glass, a crystal, a window and a window, glass fibers of laboratory products, and so on.
The glass in melting mode has a flattened and volumetric shape, and will become clear or opaque after cooling. Glass paste can be painted using a combination of metal oxides and composite materials. For example, copper oxide is used to produce a blue glass.
Tehran is the most important center for producing handmade glassware.


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